What To Look for In a Facial Spa Chair?

Everyone needs a relaxing day after some time, and spas are the ideal spots. Spa treatments leave a calming and refreshing effect on your mood and body. Moreover, it also boosts your energy levels as the tiredness fades away entirely.

Spas businesses are spreading rapidly. Nowadays, home spas are also common. But regardless of your spa type and place, some spa equipment is necessary, and a facial chair is an uncompromisable need.

In the early days, facial spa chairs used levers and pulleys for height and angle adjustment. However, now, they use electric-powered motors and are buttery-smooth to use. But starting out in a spa business, you may have some vagueness about what makes a facial chair fitting. Here is a complete guide for that!

The Best Buying Advice for Facial Chairs

You will see many names for facial chairs, such as spa beds, facial beds, and medical chairs. However, it is essential to note that they are almost identical.

A facial spa chair or bed is a thickly padded piece of furniture where the client rests during the spa treatments. Here is what you need to ensure in one.


Spas and salons have furniture themes. Therefore, it is crucial to keep it in mind. You can buy a color that matches your spa’s theme. Or, you can choose a complementary color. Neutral hues are the most adaptable, as they blend in with all types of interior designs.

Next comes the add-ons. Most models have resting pads for arms, feet, and heads. But there are some available without as well. It is best to buy a facial chair with different resting pads as it increases the overall working space.


Most facial chairs or beds come in with a velvety soft feel. However, you should still ensure they are soft, as some clients may also have back conditions. Avoid brick-hard facial spa chairs as they may lead to inconvenience. The ideal method is to make on-site purchases so you can feel the chair’s material to ensure its suitability.

Also, if your chair uses electric motors, you must cross-check that the buttons and switches are easily accessible. Fidgeting with your chair during treatment doesn’t give a reassuring expression to your clients.


A facial chair is entirely a client-oriented product. Therefore, versatility is a must. Healthy clients will require more laying or sitting space, so you must consider all the possibilities during the purchase.

You should also consider the size of your spa or saloon. Bulkier and space-demanding chairs will make your spa look small if you have limited space. Hence, finding the perfect balance between the client’s comfort and elevating your saloon’s beauty would be best.


On average, spa chairs range somewhere around 200 to 100 dollars. However, the price varies with the model’s size, exterior, and other accessories. You need to ensure that you choose an economical product.

If your business is starting, buying a reasonably priced chair is best. Then, later on, you can upgrade your equipment with the generated revenue.

Should You Choose a Facial Spa Chair or A Bed?

It entirely depends on your spa or saloon’s services. You can opt for facial chairs if you provide facials, pedicures, or other similar services, as they are retraceable to different angles.

But if you offer massages as well, then you may go for a spa bed as it is solely designed to give more comfort required in longer treatments like waxing and massages. Alternatively, you can rent both pieces of equipment and see which has the most versatility in your usage requirements.

The Final Verdict

Buying spa equipment is adventurous if you know the right things. Facial chairs or beds are essential to a spa or a saloon. The guide mentioned above suits them both. Some facial chairs also come with electric-powered mechanisms, so placing them away from water is vital.

Moreover, you need to ensure that it fits well in your space and doesn’t make it look overcrowded. Also, the chair must be comfortable for the client and the worker. You don’t want to bump into the footrests or anything during the treatment. Looking for quality and versatility in a facial chair is the best way to ensure client satisfaction.



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