Pros and Cons of Starting A Coffee Bike Business

With everything becoming pricier and everyone on the move, people need a cheaper and easier way to access their morning coffee. The mobile coffee bike business has become popular in many countries since it’s easy to start and inexpensive to set up. Like any other start-up business, there are pros and cons when starting a mobile coffee bike business. There is plenty of insight required before you start the business. You will need to know which coffee bike is good for you to start, where you will sell, and how to stay safe. If you dream of starting your own coffee business, this is your time to step up and start.

Here are some of the pros and cons when running a mobile coffee business

Pros of Coffee Bike Business

1. Super Affordable to start

If you dream of starting your own coffee business but lack the fund to rent a shop, then the mobile coffee bike business is where you can start. Owning a coffee bike is cheaper than renting a place to set up your business since many states don’t need a food license to sell coffee. It can save you a lot of dollars, especially starting on a budget.

2. It is Flexible

One of the best reasons for owning a coffee bike business is that you can work for as long and a few hours as you want. It’s totally up to you if you want full-time or a few days a week. Suppose you are a student looking for a flexible yet profitable business. It is the best option.

3. Days are Not the Same

You can never get bored when running a mobile coffee bike business. One day you may sell at farmers’ markets, open-air markets, or local festivals. The next day, you may sell outside a big office building to people reporting to work in the morning. There are many locations to choose if you are in the correct location.

Cons of a Coffee Bike Business

1. Saturated Market

As you well know, owning a coffee bike business is easy and affordable. Since it’s easy and affordable to set up, many people have ventured into the business, making it very competitive. You have to be wise to make sales. Always select a spot with less competition but with lots of people.

2. Weather Concerns

You always have to keep tabs on the weather. Depending on your location, the weather can change, and you could deal with heavy wind, rain, and extreme hot or cold temperatures. It can be challenging with extreme weather conditions.

3. Enough Stock

You can only carry enough supplies for the day, compared to having a shop where you can have your supplies close at hand. With the coffee bike business, you must check how many supplies are left throughout the day to ensure you have enough supplies.


Running your own mobile coffee bike business can be easy and affordable, especially if you dream of owning a coffee shop business, then coffee bikes are a great way to start. As the article shows, the pros overshadow the cons, so what are you waiting for? Get started.




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